Manifesting with Nikola Tesla’s 369 Technique + FAQ

Not sure which technique or method to use when trying to attract something? Then maybe you should try Nikola Tesla’s 369 method.

If you did not know Tesla would actually imagine his inventions in his mind before actually constructing his machine and his invention would turn out to be exactly like he imagined it in his head.

While Nikola Tesla talked about 369 method, it kind of found its place in the Law of Attraction community, so I would advise taking certain things with a grain of salt and thinking critically yourself.

The 369 Manifestation Code

If you wish to fully master this method and learn it in greater detail, then you can try out this 369 manifestation code program here.

It offers ways to shift your mindset, improve your health, live in abundance, and become healthier.

Maybe it might useful if you are just starting out with LOA and need a guideline with some actionable steps to manifest your desires.

What is 369 Manifestation Method?

The 369 Manifestation Method is a system that teaches people how to manifest their desires using the power of intention and visualization.

The method is based on the belief that our thoughts create our reality, and that by focusing on what we want, we can attract it into our lives.

The method includes a number of exercises and techniques designed to help you focus your intention, such as visualizations, affirmations, and journaling.

While the focus of the 369 Manifestation Method is on attracting material wealth, it can also be used to manifest other kinds of abundance, such as health, relationships, and creativity. If you’re looking for a way to create more of what you want in life, the 369 Manifestation Method may be worth exploring.

Why is 369 so Important? What is The Significance?

I don’t really follow the law of attraction sub, but one user has summed up the significance really well.

It was the famous inventor Nikola Tesla who first thought that 3, 6, and 9 were powerful numbers expressed in the 20th century. Spiritual teacher Diana Zalucky told mbg: “He believes that these sacred numbers are the keys to the universe.”

Regardless of numbers, 369s practice clues using the Law of Attraction, which shows that we tend to attract anything we pay attention to.

Shauna Cummins, author of Hypnotist and Wishcraft, adds that by focusing on what you want, especially in this consistent way, you can help your brain find what you’re looking for, so it’s more likely to be inspired in action Your desire”.

The significance of the numbers.

3 Represents our connection with the source or the universe, and our creative self-expression.

6 represents our inner strength and harmony

9 represents our inner rebirth (such as giving up what is no longer serving us and changing what we are becoming)

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How does 369 Manifestation work?

You need to be clear with your goals and what you wish to manifest. Your thoughts and intentions are a powerful tool to manifesting things into your reality.

You need to have faith and consistency if you wish to get results. Follow the steps below, it’s actually fairly simple.

369 Manifestation Method Step-by-Step

  • Write down already having what you desire or being what you desire as soon as you wake up three times.
  • Then write those affirmations in the afternoon again six times.
  • And finally before going to bed write those affirmations down nine times.

I didn’t necessarily exactly do it like this, but it’s a little freaky how some of my desires and manifestations came to be true in my scripting journal. I used to write down having achieved or accomplished my desire as if I was writing from the future.

What is important is to evoke emotions, natural feelings, and an overall sense of accomplishment of already having it. While some people say scripting or journaling is not as effective as using Neville’s State Akin to Sleep method, I’ve found good results with it, and in some ways, it is quite soothing and relaxing, to be honest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some other commonly asked questions regarding 369 method.

Is using the 369 method a sin?

Not really. As long as you accept Jesus or God is giving your desires and are glorifying god, there is nothing sinful about having certain intentions and desires.

It would be sinful if you idolized other things over God.

Does the 369 method work on a phone?

You could use a phone, but the feelings, emotions, and thoughts are not there as much.

There is something visceral about writing things down with your own hands. It’s like you are creating your own creation and making it come to life with ink. Whereas, on the phone, the feeling of something digital is just not the same.

I personally have always used a journal and a pen to script and manifest certain things into my life.

How many days do you do 369 method?

Some people say you should do it for a few weeks until you feel like you don’t care about it anymore. I personally suggest for you to keep doing it until it becomes your usual habit and until you get your manifestation.

It’s kind of like losing weight. You don’t necessarily stop going to the gym because you “feel” like you lost the desired weight. You keep going to the gym and maintain a proper diet until you actually reach your goals. Same goes for 369 method.

What happens if you miss a day of 369 manifestation?

Don’t worry if you miss a day. If you miss a day in the gym, you don’t necessarily stop what you are doing and give up… Continue with your journey and don’t make it a big deal out of it.

I wouldn’t recommend missing more than one day though.

If I missed a day, I just usually filled in my affirmations that I was supposed to write down and just catch up to my current date.

Can you manifest multiple things at once with 369 technique?

You could. Try to write down affirmations that encompass everything that you wish to manifest. For example, maybe you want to manifest a Lamborghini but also a loving partner.

An affirmation something along the lines of “I am enjoying my beautiful Lamborghini with my loving girlfriend / wife. We love riding out in the evenings together” could work.

Can you make someone fall in love with you using 369 method?

The community and people are split on this. A lot of people say you are messing with other people’s free will, blabla, that it’s manipulation, etc.

However, as someone who follows Neville’s teachings, I’ve come to the conclusion that we live in an infinite amount of possibilities in an infinite amount of timelines. God and imagination are infinity, and in infinity, you can have and do whatever you want.

So yes, you could make someone fall in love with you using 369 method. While I didn’t necessarily use the 369 method, I did manifest my first girlfriend by simply imagining and falling asleep to us being in a relationship.

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