Best Subliminal For Weight Loss or Weight Gain

Losing weight is often difficult, and many people struggle to achieve their desired weight. There are a number of reasons why this can be difficult, and each person may have unique challenges.

However, one of the main aspects boils down to subconscious faith and belief in the ability to lose or gain weight. I personally have had no problems losing weight whenever I wanted to, in some cases I can even control how much weight I need to lose in a week.

What is Subconscious Faith & Belief

Ever wonder why some people repeat the same mistake over and over again, or some people just seem to be lucky or seem to achieve their goals quite easily?

It’s mainly because they have subconscious faith embedded in their belief systems.

For example, I have personally been able to lose or gain weight quite easily almost at will because I have been an athlete my whole life, thus I have quite a good knowledge of nutrition and exercise, which help me stay in great shape even in my thirties.

My knowledge of nutrition and sports, give me great confidence in my ability to lose weight, add muscle or change my body how I wish due to my belief system of being able to get skinny or add more muscle almost on command. Of course, I go to the gym and such, but I never really care too much about my diet, to be honest.

I drink beer, smoke a few cigarettes, and party here and there, but I’ve never seen that hinder my progress because deep down in my subconscious, I KNOW that I can stay in great shape no matter what.

But how do subliminals play a role in this?

Recommended Subliminal App For Weight Loss & Weight Gain

Mindzoom is a great tool and an app that will help you build your subconscious faith and belief in gaining weight and muscle or losing weight and burning fat.

The more you repeat certain messages to yourself and reprogram your subconscious, you will be able to achieve your goals effortlessly.

However, before I could gain muscle and weight more easily, I actually had a subconscious block. No matter how much I ate, or how much I tried, I just couldn’t seem to add weight.

4-5 years ago, even though I could stay skinny, I couldn’t gain any weight for whatever reason. I had never been fat in my life and was always considered skinny and small by my peers, so in a way, it became more or less my identity and it was hard to break out of that identity until I reprogrammed my subconscious with affirmations and subliminal.

This may explain why some people who struggle with weight are usually people who have been overweight or skinny for pretty much their whole life. It becomes a part of their identity, a part of their subconscious. It’s hard for someone to lose weight or gain weight if they’ve never had the experience of changing their body.

Using Subliminal To Lose or Gain Weight

So how did I break out of my subconscious block? How did I go from skinny to jacked and beefy? How did I add more than 20 pounds in the span of three months?

It was quite simple. I went to the gym, ate whatever, but reprogrammed my mind with subliminal affirmations.

Whenever I finished my session in the gym, I came home and took a short nap while listening to subliminal and imagining myself as bigger and stronger. Thus within three months, I was benching over 200 pounds and added 20 pounds of weight with a good distribution of muscle mass.

I am no stranger to fitness and sports, but I was skinny my whole life until this point.

Since then, I gained great confidence in the ability to change my body quite easily. My hair somehow turned from dark brown to light brown blondish. I learned to manifest money, and business partners, and almost create my own reality. You can read my manifestation stories here:

So if you wish to get similar results with either gaining weight or losing weight, fitness, bodybuilding, etc, then give Mindzoom a try.

They have a bunch of subliminal affirmations to choose from as well as allow you to create your own binaural and subliminal messages with your own voice.

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