How I failed to manifest an SP, but succeeded in manifesting my fears.

This blog wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t also share some of my failures. So here is a story about my failure and what you can learn from it.

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I met a girl that swept me off my feet, about a year ago. I was infatuated with her and wanted to be with her long-term. What started off as just a date that I would never see again, turned into something more. I couldn’t take my mind off of her and kept thinking about her ever since meeting her.

I had known about Neville Goddard’s teaching for about a year at that point, so I went to my imagination and made a few scenes of us being happy in a relationship. I did this for about a month here and there but hoped she somehow would end up visiting my town, but it never happened.

So I decided to visit my friends in another town with the excuse of also asking her out with “I am in town”. I was ecstatic when she agreed to go on another date with me!

How your fears can manifest

Growing up without much love and affection, it was quite normal for me to feel self-pity and a sense of not being loved.

While I should have just enjoyed the date, had fun, and not take things so seriously, I was caught up in my head about what to say and what to do.

Probably my thoughts echoed through my body language. After our 2nd date, I just had a weird feeling that she was not interested in me, so I kind of distanced myself from her in order to avoid getting hurt.

But I mustered the courage to ask her out for a third date, which took a bit longer for her to reply and accept. And after our third date, somehow it basically seemed hopeless.

In a way, my thoughts, my insecurities, and my assumptions were directly reflected by her.

How I manifested a 3P

While I was dating and involved with the Specific Person, I had a nagging feeling that she was involved with someone else, perhaps an ex or someone more exciting came into her life. I believed perhaps that is why she wasn’t as responsive and pulling away. It wasn’t just a passing thought, but a gut-wrenching feeling.

And what do you know, in a city with millions of people, I just happen to see her holding hands and walking with someone while I was having coffee by myself on VALENTINE’S DAY! I was hoping that she would reach out to me that day and we would plan something, but alas, I was heartbroken.

I still tried to visualize and imagine us being happy together, but I became so jaded from that experience that I basically stopped trying and gave up.

What to learn from this

Despite our conscious wants and desires, our subconscious beliefs are much stronger. My subconscious thoughts of being unworthy and unloved in some way or form kept manifesting again and again. This experience was the wake-up call I needed to come face to face with my internal belief system.

Since then, I have definitely gotten better at self-perception and have gone on more dates than I have in years. It made me realize that I am actually worthy and that there is no need to feel a sense of lack in the world when it comes to romantic partners.

While I still think about her here and there, I learned to change my internal beliefs and I have had much more success with dating in general since then.

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  1. Thanks for being honest. I think that “failure” stories are as important as the “success” stories, if one is to learn how to do it right.
    And I’m sure you’ll get rid of your limiting beliefs, and meet someone even better 🙂


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