How I manifested a tennis ball

If experience has taught me anything with The Law, it comes so unexpectedly and takes you by surprise. I will share a brief but successful faith-building exercise I had with using the Law.

  • It had been years since I held a tennis ball in my hands. I don’t play tennis nor do I have friends who play tennis, so it seemed like a good faith-building test.
  • For 3-4 days I thought about a tennis ball and looped a short imaginal scene of myself playing with a tennis ball during my short naps throughout the day. While going for a walk, or while I was waiting for something, I simply drifted off into my imagination of holding a tennis ball, smelling it, biting it, bouncing it, mumbling to myself about the tennis ball in my imagination.
  • Around day 3 mark, there was a girl I was chatting with from Tinder, and when I invited her to a party, she said she had tennis practice and that she would come afterward.
  • So I thought, “WOW okay… she will bring a tennis ball to the party and I will soon be holding it in my hands” She never showed up…
  • It didn’t phase me though, so the next day when I felt a little tired and needed a nap, I replayed my imaginal scene of playing with a tennis ball and drifted off into sleep for about an hour. After waking up, I went to the bathroom, and to my shock, there was a tennis ball on the floor when I came back out!

According to my friend he always had this tennis ball, but he decided to bring it out to play right after my short nap for some reason…

I have received thousands of dollars out of the blue, got free first-class upgrades, lived in a mansion-like house for almost free, but they happened so naturally that I still wonder whether they were real manifestations.

The tennis ball experiment, however, though small and insignificant in my life, gives me the biggest faith and belief in The Law.

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  1. I love these stories. I know they sound trivial to others, but I get it. Good way to practice. People can realize that the size of the dream doesn’t matter and they can translate the practice from a tennis ball to something bigger.


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