Neville Goddard – The Law and The Promise Summary & Review

The Law and The Promise is one of Neville’s best books.

Not only is it a great book for beginners to read, but it is packed with testimonials that can motivate you to start using The Law.

Testimonials from the law and the promise

One of the testimonials that I really liked was how a couple manifested a whole apartment complex without putting a single dime of their own money into the construction.

A contractor approached a couple who had an empty space on their lot of land and built a whole apartment complex for them.

In the beginning, the contractor came up with the proposal to do the planning and design of the whole building for free but asked to share the cost of the construction.

While they were happy about the offer, the couple tested the use of the Law to the fullest. In their minds, the construction was already finished and it did not matter if they said no to the opportunity. After being rejected, the contractor came up with another proposal with a great financing plan, but the couple yet again refused and told him that they had no money to spare.

Ultimately, the contractor just decided to finance the whole operation on the condition that they will pay him out of the rent from tenants months after the construction was finished. The couple did accept this final offer and the whole building was built without them having to put a single dime.

That’s not all, they not only imagined the finished construction of the building, but they visualized that an old acquaintance whom they had not seen in a while would marvel at the building and congratulate them on it. Lo and behold it happened just as they imagined.

This is just one of the testimonials out of many. There is another one about a skeptic who was able to manifest a whole Arthur Murray dance studio of his own.

Why The Law and The Promise is great for even beginners

Besides the many testimonials, Neville breaks down each and every testimonial as to how they manifested and gives his explanation behind how the manifestations happened and why they happened.

You will learn a lot of great techniques and ways to use the Law to manifest your desires.

One thing to note though is that in the book, it seems as if the manifestations happened within the span of a few days, but in reality, it can take weeks if not months. You just have to be persistent in your wish fulfilled!

Compared to his other books, it’s about 3 hours to read, but almost every page is packed with insightful gems. So I highly encourage you guys to pick up this book.

What is The Promise?

The last chapter talks about Neville’s awakening and understanding of the reality of the matrix in a sense. The experiences he goes through describe a lot about Astral projection.

I think without knowing it, Neville was Astral projecting in his sleep and met with other higher dimensional beings and spirits. “The Promise” comes at a point when someone is spiritually enlightened to have experiences meeting and talking with God almost.

When you experience The Promise, it’s like a veil that has opened the curtains behind the nature of life. Neville talks about experiencing God as a man experiencing reality through an infinite amount of possibilities. It connects with a lot of Alan Watts’s teachings about us being actors or players performing on a stage, which I found very cool.

Though I myself have not intensely experienced The Promise like Neville, there were certain points in my life when I felt like I became one with God and was being guided by spirits.

Should you read the Law and the Promise?

Absolutely! It’s an eye-opening book that might help you manifest the life you want and actually see the reality behind the curtains. Good luck!

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