Frequently Asked Questions About Subliminal Messages: Do They Work?

If you are trying to manifest something, then you should give subliminal messages a try, because in some cases, they can be a low-effort way to get what you desire.

For bigger goals, I usually meditate and visualize already having what I desire as taught by Neville Goddard consistently until I have what I desire, but sometimes I like to listen to subliminal messages or affirmations to get myself in the right mood or for manifesting smaller goals with minimal effort.

Recommended subliminal tapes and programs

If you are looking to change your life then try these subliminal tapes and programs.

There are a few free tracks that you can listen to as well as other subliminals that will help you with manifesting money, love, relationships, improving productivity, confidence, etc.

I personally have used Subliminals and affirmations to grow a little taller during my twenties and get jacked within only a few months. Within 2-3 months I added almost 25 pounds of weight and muscle, going from 150 lbs max bench press to almost 200lbs and barely being able to do deadlifts to almost 225lbs. I am 5’8″ so it’s not like I was already tall and big.

Just as a side note: I just couldn’t seem to gain any weight and get buff before, despite tracking my calories and having an ample amount of food during my university years, but this time I did something a little different. Before I went to the gym, I would listen to some tapes and whenever I got done working out, I would take a nap imagining myself being buff and strong. I got really strong and jacked in a very short time frame with that method.

What exactly are subliminal messages?

Subliminal messages are kind of like repetitive affirmations that are designed to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious. While the conscious mind is focused on other things, the subconscious mind is always alert, making it an ideal target for subliminal messages.

Because the subconscious mind does not critically evaluate information in the same way as the conscious mind, it is more susceptible to suggestion. As a result, subliminal messages can be used to influence our thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Although there is some debate about their effectiveness, subliminal messages have been used in a variety of settings, including advertising, self-help tapes, and even political campaigns. While their true power remains a matter of debate, I personally find great use in using subliminal messages in order to manifest something and so have a countless number of people.

For me personally, I have used subliminal tapes and affirmations to psychologically alter my state. If I feel sad or perhaps negative about something, listening to subliminal tapes while taking a morning walk, working out, or when I am just doing someone mundane helps me achieve certain results.

Now some people swear that they were able to manifest some seemingly impossible things with Subliminals, so I’ll the link where you can read accounts of other people having success with it as well, but do take things with some grain of salt as you can’t exactly verify everything.

You can read their success stories here: Success Stories on Reddit

Now there are some subliminal tapes that supposedly make you invisible, fly, etc but I think that is just crazy talk, however, interestingly highly suggestive people can be influenced to see things that defy reality in their minds.

How do subliminals work?

The idea behind subliminal messages is that they can bypass the conscious mind and be absorbed directly by the subconscious. Because the subconscious mind is much more receptive to outside influences than the conscious mind, it is thought that subliminal messages can effectively bypass any mental resistance and “plant” a new idea or belief directly in the subconscious.

While there is some debate as to whether or not subliminal messages can actually influence behavior, there is no doubt that they are at least perceived by the subconscious mind. In one study, participants were shown a series of words on a screen too quickly for them to consciously process.

Later, when asked to identify words that had been shown, participants were more likely to choose words that fit with a pre-existing belief or goal. This suggests that even if we are not consciously aware of it, our subconscious mind is still taking in information and using it to influence our thoughts and behaviors.

Most effective way to use Subliminals

While you can use subliminals during some mundane tasks such as cleaning the house, working out, or whatever (don’t drive or listen while operating machinery) I have found the best way to use them is to listen while you are in a very suggestive state.

You should put on headphones and get into a deep meditative state bordering on sleep, but not exactly fully asleep. Then you need to visualize yourself already having what you desire and bask in the feeling of already what you desire.

The visual aid mixed with Subliminals will make a powerful combination. You could also use direct affirmations too. However, it’s not necessarily about the words, but rather the feeling, emotions, and thoughts that such words and visualization techniques evoke. You have to believe and feel that you already have what you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have some other questions, so here are some quick answers to the most commonly asked questions about subliminals.

Are subliminals safe?

Yes, Subliminals are very safe. Just don’t drive, operate machinery, or perform something dangerous while listening to them, because you might get a little drowsy.

Are subliminals a sin?

There is nothing in the Bible that describes subliminals as a sin. Maybe law of attraction might be considered sinful since it’s not giving glory to God, but what exactly is the difference between the universe and God? Through the use of law of attraction, you could argue you are connecting with God and having your desire heard.

Are subliminals placebo?

In some instances, subliminals could be considered a placebo, but it’s more of subconscious programming than fooling yourself psychologically. Even if it is a placebo, good placebos actually have a great impact on physical and mental health. There are even cases of people taking sugar pills but getting cured of ailments and diseases.

Are subliminals good for you?

If you have a worthy desire and a goal, subliminals can be good for you. There is nothing bad about having more money, better relationships, and more confidence. It’s mainly how you use subliminals and with what intentions.

Why are subliminals not working for me

If you are listening to subliminals and are trying to manifest something with the preconceived notion that they do not work, then you are fighting an uphill battle.

Keep an open mind and accept that reality is not exactly as you think it is. I’ve had very weird experiences with using The Law, which you can read more on my blog, but you need some level of faith for it to work.

Otherwise, if you are fully convinced it does not work, then most likely it won’t work. Nor will you maintain consistency for it to actually work.

What volume should I listen subliminals?

You should listen subliminals at a comfortable volume that’s not too loud nor too soft. The messages and affirmations in said subliminals should be barely heard, kind of like a faint whisper.

Can subliminals change physical appearance like face, nose, or height?

Some people swear they have changed eye color, the shape of their nose, hair, face, etc.

The best result I’ve personally gotten with subliminals are with fitness and building muscle. I did grow a few centimeters during my twenties. I often listened to affirmations and vizualized myself being a little taller.

However, since it wasn’t 3-4 inches of height gain, I can’t fully say for certain I grew slightly taller because of subliminals, affirmations, and the law of attraction. I think you can grow taller with subliminals and by using The Law, however it probably takes some focus and dedication which I personally did not have much.

Can subliminals change behavior?

Absolutely! Subliminals can change behavior for good or bad depending on what you listen to.

After I listen to some I am affirmations and subliminals regarding money abundance and productivity, somehow opportunities present themselves and I take more action, make better decisions, and overall feel a lot more focused.

Do subliminals work for acne and getting clear skin?

People have good success with curing acne with subliminals and LOA.

I tried it and I experienced that when I stop focusing on the blemishes and just being happy, my skin was healthier and clearer. When I actively tried to get clearer skin with subliminals, I felt worse because it made me look at how bad my skin was which exacerbated the problem.

If you can mentally manage it, the best way is to listen to the subliminals and stop checking for progress. Just trust the process and forget about the acne.

Do subliminals cause headaches

Subliminals can cause headaches if you listen to them for too long or at loud volumes. The background music shouldn’t feel like a nuisance, but rather calming and soothing.

Final Thoughts

I myself and many other people have success with subliminals. They work by bypassing the conscious mind and entering the subconscious which is more powerful and effective when trying to change behavior or manifest something.

You must trust and stick to the process. Faith is important as well as an open mind.

If you have not done so, check out these free subliminals tracks and other advanced subliminal tapes if you wish to change something with your life with confidence, finance, relationships, and love.

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