Imagine Neville is a website dedicated to Neville Goddard and his teachings.

I will be sharing my personal stories and my insights regarding his lectures and books on this blog. It will be like an anonymous diary.

I won’t share my personal information and prefer to keep my personal life separate from the content that I do put out, so please don’t ask me for coaching or ways to contact me.

However, everything you read here will be authentic and honest, solely based on my personal journey using the law.

Never will I ask for donations or some form of payment for anything related to Neville’s teachings. His wisdom is timeless and deserves to be shared freely with anyone. If anything, maybe there will be some ads here and there, but I do alright for myself financially so there is no reason to charge money for anything from readers.

While Neville will be the main focus of discussion, there will be other subjects regarding law of attraction, other “gurus”, and metaphysics.