The Correct Way to Pray – According to Neville Goddard

We all think prayer is a way to beg for something from God. However, most doctrines don’t fully teach the art of prayer as it was intended in sacred texts.

Neville teaches us how to successfully and correctly pray to get what we wish for.

If you haven’t already, you can read some of his lectures and books on prayer here to get a better understanding.

What We Get Wrong About Prayer

Everyone is guilty of this, but whether you are religious or not, I am sure you have prayed in one way or another. Maybe you wanted to get a good grade on your exams, maybe you wanted something nice for Christmas, or maybe you wanted things to get better in life and improve your finances.

What a lot of us get wrong about prayer is begging for something.

When we beg for something, we are living in lack, we are living in fear, and we don’t have faith in whether we will get what we want or not.

Prayer is often mistaken for begging, repenting one’s sins, etc.

However, Neville teaches us that it’s completely different,

What Neville Said About Prayer

Now, in the Bible we speak of prayer.

And prayer, to the world, means “begging.”

But not in the Bible.

It’s thanksgiving. It’s praise. It’s not petition.

We speak in the Bible of repentance, and the world thinks that it means “to regret,” “to be remorseful.”

That’s not what the Bible teaches.

Prayer and repentance are almost synonymous terms.

We are told to bear fruit that befits repentance.

Then they say, to the central character of scripture (Jesus): “You and your disciples eat and drink with sinners.”

And he replied: “I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

Leave the righteous alone. They’re so self­satisfied. They’re like themselves, so leave them alone.

The word “sin” doesn’t have anything to do with breaking any moral code.

The word “sin” means “to miss the mark.”

You have a goal in life; you haven’t achieved it. Well, then you are sinning.

You may have a billion dollars and still are hungry for more. Well, then, if you don’t have the other you are sinning.

You may keep all the so­called codes of the world, imposed upon you by the priesthoods of the world.

That would mean nothing, as far as the scriptures go.

“To repent” is simply a radical change of attitude.

That is what repentance means.

For if I radically change my attitude toward life, I will then view the world from that change of attitude. And that change is a change of consciousness. And that change will be externalized in my world.

Now repentance is at once man’s responsibility and a gift from God.

Now let us show you what I mean by it.

He (Jesus) said “I and my Father are one. Yet I go to my Father, for my Father is greater than I.”

We are one, yet my Father is greater than I. So I go to my Father.

How do we arrive at this strange, peculiar statement? What does it mean?

In the office of the sent,’ I am not inferior to my essential being­­ the Sender­­ but only in the office of the sent I am restricted.

I must live by faith.

Faith in what?

Faith in the Sender.

It’s myself. It’s the Father, “for I and my Father are one.”

How To Successfully Pray According to Neville

When Neville is talking about Father, Jesus, etc, he is referring to the conscious and the subconscious minds.

The subconscious mind is much stronger and is the real key to manifesting what you wish with prayer. When your conscious and subconscious are both aligned, that’s when you get what you wished for.

Overall, God, Jesus, and you are one. It even says in the Bible, that you are part of God and created in God’s image. Now you don’t necessarily have to be Christian, but Neville what is saying is we are all part of God therefore we possess the power to connect with God through prayer and manifest.

Repentance is a radical change in attitude and assumptions. Basically, your life operates on the assumption you have about your reality and your life.

So if we are to summarize a successful prayer

  • Believe and have faith that the law of assumption is real. This is really important! If you don’t have faith and any confidence in your subconscious / God, then it won’t matter how hard you try.
  • Repent, or make a radical shift in your attitude and assumption about your desire. Know that it is possible and that you already have what you wish for.
  • Take a moment to visualize having what you desire already and perform thanksgiving. Do this until you feel an overwhelming sensation of gratitude and joy.
  • Then just let it go. Letting go is harder than it seems. You are not really “letting go”, you are just letting go of your worries and doubts. You are giving your full confidence and faith in your subconscious / God to take care of everything.

I’ve manifested money, talked with an old old friend, and attracted someone into my life, etc through praying and thanksgiving before I even knew about Neville. Though I didn’t visualize that I already had what I prayed for, I prayed and had faith and belief that I would get what I wished for. I didn’t get hung up on doubt or worries, which I certainly think is the most important part.

Good luck! Let me know the results you get from Neville’s method of prayer!

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