Neville Goddard’s books – Best to worst

I have read all of Neville Goddard’s books. These are just my personal ranking of the best ones to the least. If you want to read the detailed review of the books, you can do so as well, but I highly recommend that you take a listen for yourself.

Feeling Is The Secret

Without a doubt, The Feeling is The Secret is Neville’s best book. It’s short, concise without all the unnecessary fluff. It gives you simple and understandable instructions as to how you can start applying The Law right away.

It’s about 40 minutes read and around 40 pages, but packed with very helpful information.

The Law and The Promise

There are quite a few testimonials that almost seem like magic, but it’s a great book that showcases the possibilities one can achieve with using The Law and Neville’s teachings.

The law and the promise is a good blend between spiritual philosophy and practical techniques.

Manifesting Miracles

Manifesting miracles is a good book for learning the practical techniques regarding The Law.

Neville answers some of the frequently asked questions from his followers and gives an interesting interpretation of Bible verses and its meaning.

The Power of Awareness

The Power of Awareness delves into the inner workings of our minds. It will help you realize your limiting beliefs, thoughts, and inner talks that you have with yourself on a daily basis.

Our habitual thoughts does affect our reality, so this is a great book if you want to learn how to better manifest by changing your thoughts.

Your Faith is Your Fortune

“God’s promise is unconditional; God’s law is conditional, and comes in its own good time. If you do not experience it in this life,”

Sometimes we get too attached to our outer circumstances, but this book delves into how we can change our self-concept and hence change our physical reality by changing our own self view.

Out of This World

Out of this world was a little woo woo for my tastes. It delves into metaphysics, but anyone who is interested might find it a good read.

There is a section about a visualization technique that has helped me expand my imaginal scenes.

At Your Command

At your command is one of Neville’s earlier works. He shares his mentorship experience with Abdullah and how he used Abdullah’s teaching to go back home to Barbados 1st class without paying a single penny.

Seed Time and Harvest

While the information in this book regarding our thoughts and attitudes plant a seed for what we will sow in the future is explained quite well, I personally do not agree that our manifestations have to take a long time. It can be in an instant or within a much shorter time frame than we would like to think.